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Mid Century Modern luxury home in California was the perfect backdrop for yet another Tiki Extravaganza!

There is an interesting cross over connection with many people today, myself included, who love of all things Tiki and Mid Century Modern Architecture and Decor.  Lucky for us, Tiki Go Go Chef Service has catered some swanky Mid MOD cocktail parties.  Our VIP San Francisco Client booked us for two incredible Tiki Parties…a few years apart.  Both Parties were centered around the same theme and timeline.  After fully renovating a Mid Century Modern House from top to bottom, our Tiki Go Go client would host a fabulous big house party right before selling it and moving out. Every room was remolded impeccably with Mid Mod furniture, special retro accents, and a collection of one of a kind Art Work purchased straight from the original Disneyland Enchanted Tiki Room. Tara was amazing putting thought and attention into every detail of the house. Twice she did this! Every two years or so, Tara would complete another similar Mid Mod House project in the Bay Area and book us to cater another mind blowing fantastic Tiki Party.

Our Tiki Go Go “Aloha Cuisine” got rave reviews! Guests decked in their best Hawaiian attire partied in sophisticated style – dancing & eating our Tiki Go Go hors d’ oeuvres passed from bamboo trays or grazing on various food stations with wooden platters stacked with mouthwatering selections.  As if part of the band …. the sound of cocktail shakers filled the air.  A team of bartenders stayed busy for hours whipping up tons of specialty tropical cocktails.  Besides the incredible food, sensational drinks and ultra luxury hip environment – the highlight of the evening was the live performance by ” Project Pimento”.  Known as the earth’s only Theremin lounge band, “Project Pimento” is a five piece band with a repertoire of toe-tapping lounge favorites from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s that plays a blend of timeless exotica music and jazz standards…all with a space age twist.

Pineapple and Beyond

Our Tiki Go Go servers passed the party goers Aloha Party Bites as they circulated throughout the levels of the house and outside decks while an assortment of  smaller backup snacky foods kept refreshed on the Dining Room table allowing for guests to graze as they passed by.


Bahi Hut Sign with Flame Torches
Bahi Hut

There is an interesting cross over for many folks that love Mid Century Modern Architecture and Polynesian pop.  Lucky for us, Tiki Go Go Chef Service has catered some swanky MID MOD cocktail parties in Sarasota and San Francisco. After catering the Sarasota MOD weekend closing party at Plymouth Harbor for the sixth annual festival hosted by Sarasota Architectural Foundation -we had the ultimate pleasure of catering another super fun Tiki Party at the Bahi Hut Cocktail Lounge celebrating its 65th anniversary.  Established in 1954, the Bahi Hut is the second oldest Tiki Bar in Florida.  Tiki Go Go Chef Service catered a private party for all the staff & volunteers working for the Sarasota MOD Weekend 2019. You feel transported to a different time when you walk up to the Bahi Hut’s front entrance, with it’s giant wooden spoon door handle and two huge Tiki God Totems carved from the original old palm trees in the parking lot.  The wood and rock walls inside the bar are adorned with Hawaiian artifacts, Polynesian prints and Tiki masks.  The Bahi Hut is connected to the adjacent Golden Host Resort hotel which recently was fully remodeled to its former Mid-Century Modern hey day.  As for the Bahi Hut Cocktail Lounge itself, its recent revamp added a much needed redo of some interior space like the 1950’s restrooms and new improvements like creating an outside bamboo patio.  This hidden gem in Sarasota still remains one of the great historic Sarasota bars.

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