We serve all your family favorites and put the fun back into hosting a Barbeque Backyard Feast! Every customized Tiki Go Go menu offers a big variety of crowd pleasing dishes: vegetarians stay happy with plenty of grilled seasonal vegetables, innovative salads and meat lovers will go crazy for our fantastic BBQ Ribs.  Every party is different and we can accommodate all your guests assorted food preferences.  Whether its a pool party for graduating teens who might want burgers and grilled chicken or guests attending a sophisticated happy hour celebration with fresh seafood appetizers & oyster raw bar.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

ummer is about enjoying friends, family and the warm glow of the sun.  We love the carefree way that everything looks, feels and smells.  And everything’s lighter, too, from the colors of the decorations and the clothing we’ re wearing, to the music that’s playing and the paper lanterns floating overhead to the feather light dishes we’re serving and the delicious wines we pair with them.  We take the work out of hosting to keep your outdoor gatherings focused on what’s important – the people you’re with, the food you’re enjoying and the wines that tie it all together.

Spice Rubbed Maple Wild Salmon

Expand Your Culinary Horizons

Let us surprise you and your guests with our creative global cuisine.  Tiki Go Go Personal Chef Service prepares unique food that has flavors and influences from various parts of the world.  Our East West fusion style approach to food blends the availability of ingredients sourced with what’s in season with different local produce to put a new modern twist on traditional recipes.  It is meant to be exciting food – somewhat new and possibly unknown – but delicious, mouthwatering and wonderful.

Fire up the grill

Who doesn’t like to party?  Yet ‘party’ means something different to everyone.  We think about all the various aspects that make the party space feel warm, inviting and interesting.  We create gatherings that are a mix of lounge areas and table configurations, making the entire evening a more relaxed & easy going causal dining experience.

BBQ Ribs on Grill

Spice Rubbed BBQ Ribs & Peach Cobbler


Crowd Pleasing Favorites
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